The secret to flawless skin starts with a good foundation! Make it your summer goal to use makeup appropriately and on a when-needed basis. Follow makeup expert Sabrina Bedrani’s simple steps to get perfect-looking skin all summer long.







Step 1: Moisturize

Start your makeup routine using a light moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Prepping your face is vital when applying any makeup.



Step 2: Primer

Using a sponge, apply a liquid primer. This will ensure that your makeup will stay in place for the rest of the day. Applying a primer will also help minimize the appearance of pores.



Step 3: Foundation

Finding the right foundation for your skin type can be very tricky. Go to your local department store to test out a few different shades. Make sure the foundation matches the skin tone on your face by swabbing a tiny bit on your cheek, right above your jaw line. If the color does not blend in immediately, keep looking! Once you do find the appropriate color, use your finger to lightly apply a thin layer of foundation. Show some love to your neck, chest and eyelids by also dabbing a small amount of foundation with your finger and blending evenly.



Step 4: Concealer

Just in case the foundation missed some problem areas, like acne or sun-damage, try using concealer. Find the right color for you by applying different shades above your jaw line. Once you find the perfect hue, take a small concealer brush and lightly go back over your skin. If, like most women, you have bags under your eyes, take a wide concealer brush and blend a tiny amount of concealer to the inner corner of your eye.



Step 5: Powder

Set your makeup by dusting on powder in circular motions. Avoid applying anything more than that, as thick powder tends to lead to an over-done look. You will soon discover a little bit of powder goes a long way! If you are concerned about having shiny skin later on, carry around blotting papers for a quick fix.

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