New studies show possible edge for a Botox competitor                                              

 If you haven’t considered Botox, you probably know someone who is or has even gone ahead and done it–the number of anti-wrinbotoxkle cosmetic injections of Botulinum toxin type A grew 14% last year to 5.4 million, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But, if you are considering these injections, your doctor should talk to you about the pros and cons of multiple brands. Even though Botox made by Allergan springs to mind for most, two new studies performed to treat the crow’s feet area (a common, but off-label use) indicated that a brand called  Dysport by Medicis, may work faster and last longer. (Both studies, for the record, were funded by Medicis.) In the study published in Dermatologic Surgery, Dysport “took” more quickly and produced results in 2-4 days compared to the 5 -7 days it took Botox. In the study published in The Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, researchers did a “split-face” study where each test subject was injected with Dysport on one side of their face and Botox on the other. After 30 days, the majority of the subjects preferred their Dysport side and researchers said that fewer crow’s feet appeared on that side when the subjects would try to squint.

While “we can’t consider our study a head-to-head trial,” says Omaha-based dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD and lead author of the Dermatologic Surgery study, ” the sense I have from my patients and my colleagues is that Dysport is the ‘go to’ if you are looking for quick results.”

No doubt, further research will come out about advantages and disadvantages these two popular brands and others in the future. Regardless, this new research is a reminder that with any cosmetic procedure (or other health choices), you should always have a conversation your doctor about options besides the brands you may have heard of most so you can hear all the pros and cons of your choices.

Have you had Botox or Dysport? What was your experience like? If not, how do you feel about these kinds of procedures and the fact that they are increasing in occurence? 


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