Artists are inspired by nature and its colors all the time, and hey, every time we sit there starring in the mirror painting our eyelids aren’t we artists in our own right? Take some inspiration from the iridescent feathers of a peacock by using brilliant blue and green hues to create a vibrant, colorful, and bold eye shadow look. These peacock-inspired jewel tones are all over the fall runways, and you should definitely let them make their way into your eye makeup for a guaranteed show-stopping look. 

Green and blue peacock hues are great because you can go as subtle or dramatic as you want. You can use hints of the iridescent colors to spruce up the traditional smokey eye or you can layer vivid eyeshadows to create a look truly indistinguishable from a peacock feather. The key colors for a peacock-inspired eye makeup look are, of course, blue and green but also bronze and even purple.


This is a great subtle change to the traditional smokey eye using these peacock-inspired eye shadow shades. You can seek out your favorite eyeshadow brand for these colors, or you can use this handy Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette which conveniently has all the colors you need to get this look. Start with the Mildew shadow and apply it over your lower eyelid up to the crease. Along the crease, blend in the soft blue of Shattered, and right outside of that line apply the Grifter shadow. Then on the lower lid toward the outside of your eye, apply the bronze Smog, making sure to blend it into the green. Line the bottom of your eye using the same bronze shade. Then apply mascara to finish off the look. The key to using all these colors in one eyeshadow look is to blend, blend, blend.



eye shadow

If subtlety isn’t your thing, you can go for bold, vibrant looks by searching out eyeshadow brands that are known to have highly pigmented colors. Two well known brands that are guaranteed to give you the color pop that you want are Nars and MAC. These brands supply the perfect shades for a bold peacock-inspired makeup look. If you want to make the eyeshadows you already have a bit more vibrant, try applying the shadow with a slightly moistened makeup brush. Bangstyle






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