Botox is amateur stuff when it comes to beauty treatments these days. 


a botox



ICONIC actress Joan Crawford famously once said “any actress who appears in public without being well-groomed is digging her own grave”.


In the ongoing quest to remain beautiful, celebrities are now getting bizarre treatments that they hope will keep them relevant in Hollywood.


Here are seven celebrities who have endorsed wacky ways to reverse the ageing process:



Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi – Kitty litter facials



Snooki’s beauty treatment explains her catty behaviour. Photo: Splash News Source: Splash News Australia The Jersey Shore star opened up about her fetish for feline facials in 2011, telling talk show host Conan O’Brien: “It’s got exfoliates, they’ve got rocks in there … it makes your skin really smooth.”  




Katie Holmes – Snail slime gel


katie holmes

Making Katie Holmes look attractive isn’t exactly a mission impossible. Tom Cruise’s ex is reportedly a fan of the Dr. Organic snail gel, which contains mucus secreted by snails. It’s said to regenerate and repair the skin. The gel is sold at UK health chain Holland and Barrett and costs about $35 for a 50ml pot.





Demi Moore – Leech therapy

demi moore


Can you believe Demi Moore is 50 years old? Photo: Getty Images Source: Supplied The actor revealed to talk show host David Letterman in 2008 that she often travels to Austria to get the painful treatment. “They have a little enzyme that when they are biting down in you it gets released in your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit, and your health is optimized. It detoxifies your blood.





Victoria Beckham – Bird poo facials

Victoria Beckham

Bird poo on the face … maybe she’s not so posh after all. Photo: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Source: AP The beauty treatment has been used for centuries by Japanese geishas, who believe the powdered droppings from nightingale birds help replenish and reawaken the skin.






Gwyneth Paltrow: Snake venom facials

gyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow looks radiant thanks to reptiles. Photo: AFP Source: AFP The venom, extracted from temple viper snakes is said to have a Botox-like effect on skin. “It sends a message to inhibit control and contraction,” skin clinic owner Sonya Dakar told Time magazine





January Jones – Placenta capsules

january  jones


January Jones looks stunning on the red carpet, thanks to her placenta. Photo: Getty Source: Supplied “Your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,” the Mad Men star said to  People Magazine. “It’s something I was very hesitant about, but we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas. It’s not witch-crafty or anything, I suggest it to all mums.





Kim Kardashian – Vampire facials

 kim kardashian



Trick or treat? Kardashian shocked her followers when she tweeted this picture of her facial. Photo: Supplied Source: Supplied In the procedure, which costs about $1,000, blood is drawn from the arm and is then splattered into the face using acupuncture-style needles. It’s said to rejuvenate the skin.




Harry Vadim Andreev, 29, from Saint Petersburg, Florida is a make-up artist, who can rival Kevin Aucoin, has been in the business since he was 16 and works with many celebrities.

His before-and-after photos to show how even average faces can be dramatically altered with the magic of makeup.




Vadim Andreev makeup


He is on a mission to prove women don’t need to resort to cosmetic surgery to transform plain looks into those of a beauty diva.

Vadim Andreev says he can give any woman a beauty transformation by simply using cosmetics.

This 29-year-old brush wielding beauty guru enhances features and buffs out blemishes in a bid to make his subjects more beautiful and proves his amazing skill with striking before-and-after photographs.


Vadim Andreev makeup


“I started taking these photos to show people they can change, be more attractive, look and feel happier,’ he says.



Vadim Andreev makeup



He admits that a few of his professional after photos have a little bit of post-production, like erasing hair on forehead or color correction, perhaps slight contrast enhancement or sharpening. But most of them are entirely natural.


Vadim Andreev makeup


“My secret is in the eye, I guess. I can see the beauty inside each person and show it to everybody”

“My top tips for the everyday woman are: use a light under-eye concealer, cream blush on the top of your cheek, and highlighter on cheekbones”


“Put some bronzer under your cheekbones and along the chin and blend well over the face”


Vadim Andreev makeup



‘I believe that every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity. I want to help everyone to see their own beauty.”



Vadim Andreev makeup



“Put some black mascara on your lashes and apply warm pink lip gloss on lips. This will give you fresh, young look.”

a harry vadim 4 a harry vadim 10


He said: “Make-up is a very personal and individual process. I believe that every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity. I want to help everyone to see their own beauty, just sometimes it takes a little bit more time and a bit of a helping hand.”



Vadim Andreev makeup




“‘I have a lot of plans and dreams about my future in make-up, such as writing a book and have my own TV show about makeovers.”



“And, of course, my usual work with lovely brides, giving workshops and master classes.”








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