Timeless Moisturizers
Clinique- Dramatically Different Moisturizer

“The moisture “drink” developed by Clinique’s dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance for very dry skins, or skins dry in the cheeks, comfortable to oily in the T-zone. Softens, smooths , improves the texture of your skin.”

Clinique was launched by Estee Lauder,Inc. and premiered to the world at Saks 5th Avenue in August of 1968. Created by Dr. David Orentreich, the integral 3rd step of Clinique’s beauty regimen and famous ‘ free gift’ standby is still one of the best moisturizers out there.

Olay Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion

With Amino Peptide Complex & broad spectrun UVA/UVB sunscreen SPF 15 & pro-vitamin B, Olay Regenerist, regenerates your skins appearance without such drastic measures as peels, cosmetic surgery & laser.

Clinical tests have proven that amino-peptides can help regenerate damaged skin. Olay has now proven that Regenerist, using this technology, also regenerates your skin by renewing the outer layer to give you younger-looking skin. Results … younger looking skin.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Endorsed by celebrities, top dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Hope in a Jar is a world-reknown moisturuzer loaded with antioxidants, Originally created for the medical market to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, skin discoloration, rough texture and dehydration. Hope in a Jar dramatically improves skin radiance and gently exfoliates, revailing smoother, healthier looking skin .

Ok, I admit it, I buy practically every new anti aging cream that comes out. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying everything from drugstore brands to very expensive. My idea of very expensive is the $200-250 range. Due to my experience with different products, I do not feel it is necessary to spend more than that on any product and if you do, it had better do something amazing ! If you need the ‘prestige’ of a fancy $1000 cream, that’s great… that’s what your paying for and after all and it’s your money… I’ll keep mine in the bank. I have learned the sad truth that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Every brand markets to a different audience.

Here is a list of the best creams I have ever used. The ones that actually DO something. I will list them starting with the least expensive. Here we go…


Kiss My Face Moisturizer Tighten Up    $8

I found a trial size of this at a local store, what the heck it was only $1.99 , so I gave it a try. Every once in I while I’ll run into a cheap little gem. This is one of them. This is a nice lightweight organic moisturizer that really does tighten your skin. Best of all it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients, artificial color and is not tested on animals. Great product.




Alpha Hydrox – The Original Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA $12

This is a glycolic acid lotion which also contains vitamin E which helps to renew texture , elasticity & skin tone. This gently exfoliates dead cells from the skins surface to help revitalize & restore healthy skin tone. This is a glycolic product, so a patch test is highly recommended.



Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough  – $30

This is a great cream which contains Borago and Sweet Almond Oils which really plumps up dry skin & restores the skins moisture balance. Retinyl Palmitate and anti oxidants go after those lines. I use this when my skin starts acting ‘radical ‘ . It really does tend to bring it back in line.





M. Asam Vinolift Line  –   $50

Anti – aging personified ! This is the best value on this blog. This is a German line designed especially for mature skin. & my VERY FAVORITE line. This stuff is amazing. I used this for 1 week & everyone said I looked 5 years younger. I use the their “Anti age Face serum” & “Anti age Skin tightening Cream” . The eyecream is also excellent, but I use the aforementioned products on my eyes too. They have other lines as well, so make sure you get the “Vino Lift” . Amazing stuff !!

” Nanoparticles and liposomes afford intensive care for mature skin with ingredients consisting of OPC, Vitamins A, C, E, Q10 and hyaluronic acid.
Collagen-biospheres within this formulation help to impart a smoother and softer look to skin.
Helps nourish skin with moisture and helps retain moisture. “


Perricone MD Amine Complex Face Lift – $125


Perricone MD Amine Complex Face LiftThis is a holy grail cream and yes, it’s expensive , but well worth it. I use this only for special occasions. I will put this on for a couple of nights before a special occasion & it really makes a dramatic difference. Also, a little goes a long way. I bottle lasts me about a year, again , I don’t use it everyday. This also justifies the cost a little. I will always keep a bottle of this handy. Bottom line, if you want to look younger fast …this is it !






The buck stops here !   No need to spend a cent more ! 





Exfoliation – Simple & Cheap Solutions To Smooth Skin !

You can improve your complexion tremendously by exfoliating and sloughing off the old, dead skin cells. Beneficially, should be started at a young age because as we get older, not exfoliating leads to … clogged pores, superficial spots, blackheads or worse, lines and wrinkles. It also contributes to a drab, rough textured skin which doesn’t reflect light.

Why should I exfoliate ?

Exfoliation helps to speed up the process of skin flaking and shedding, by taking off the uppermost, dead layer of cells to expose the finer, more translucent skin underneath. This helps keep your skin younger looking and helps your products work better.


Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Fruit Acid – How do I decide ?


Peels –

These are all alpha hydroxy acids, and there absolutely are differences between them.

Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecule, so it penetrates deeper and faster than other acids. This makes it the most effective. It also means it has the most potential to irritate the skin.

Lactic Acid is gentler and has skin hydrating benefits as it draws moisture to the skin as it works.
Fruit Acids, are by far the gentlest of the acids and have the least potential to irritate the skin.

Dermatologists often recommend Beta Hydroxy peels for women with acne, as they are better at dissolving oils. Salicylic acid, the most common beta hydroxy will penetrate clogged pores without irritating already inflamed skin.

My Favorite Homemade Exfoliators:

Scrubs –

My personal favorite exfoliator is plain old Sugar. We all have this available. Furthermore, it’s cheap, easy & it works. I take a handful of sugar & mix it with a little of my favorite cleanser. Just enough to fill the palm of your hand. Then mix just enough water to moisten it. Then scrub. How gentle or rough you are is up to you. We all have different skin types. You be the judge.

Another favorite of mine is Baking Soda. If you want the glowing skin of a five year old try this ! Baking soda is a finer texture than sugar so you may have to work this in a little more. I mix this with just a tiny bit of water & nothing else. Works great !

Also very popular is the aspirin peel.Aspirin contains salicylic acid, so you do need to be careful with this one. A patch test is highly recommended. This is probably not good choice if you have acne prone or other skin conditions or sensitive skin. You can mix this with anything. I have heard of people mixing this with everything from plain water to witch hazel, facial cleanser & honey.

To do an aspirin peel you would crush 4-5 aspirins. Any cheap drugstore aspirin is fine. Bottles of crushed aspirin are also sold if you can find it. Mix the crushed aspirin with whatever you decide, water, cleanser, some people use honey. I use a little water. Again use your own judgement based on your skin type then you can either use it as a scrub or just let it sit on your skin like a mask. It is not recommended to leave this on for more than 3 minutes as the salicylic acid can be very strong. ** Remember to do a patch test first before trying this ! **



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