M.D. Forte Skin Rejuvenation Eye Cream
This is a fantastic eye cream and reasonably priced. I saw results with this after only one use, after just one week, the lines around my eyes are just about gone and my under eye area is much smoother ! MD FORTE EYE CREAM

Update :  A few weeks later… Yup, they’re still gone ! I like it so much I should erase this post & keep this a secret !

Key ingredients : Soybean Oil provides rich, non-greasy hydration. Vitamin E boosts the skin’s protection against damaging free radicals. Hyaluronic & Glycolic Acids & Retinol stimulate cell-turnover and renewal for a more youthful appearance.

“Because the first and most visible signs of aging tend to appear around the sensitive eye area, this rich, hydrating cream softens, smooths, firms, and tones the skin to rid you of those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides a boost of Vitamin E to prevent future damage from free radicals and environmental stress. “

This is a keeper !

 M.D.Forte Skin Rejuvenation Eye Cream



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