Odd Hollywood Beauty Tricks? Are there any other kind ?Angelina Jolie

Remember the key word here is trick…not to mention odd. This means that the star is having a 911 beauty moment and must resort to something – anything (no matter how crazy, strange or death defying) – for a quick fix.

I’ll never forget the time I was on the Oscar red carpet and a certain A lister’s hair just wouldn’t stay in place. Her hair pro ran by the bushes, grabbed a little dirt and rubbed it in her locks. After he also removed the two red ants crawling down her face, life in Hollywood went back to normal.

By the way, the mud worked!

Celebrities are not like you and me. They often practice odd beauty tricks because it’s their job to look 29 even when they’re 39, 49 and all the 9s after that one.

I had to laugh when the amazing Jillian Wright, skin care guru to the stars pointed out some of the odder celeb beauty regimes, which got me thinking about the millions I’ve come across as a writer covering the Hollywood beat for over three decades.

When it comes to odd Hollywood beauty tricks, I found myself asking the question I hope you will ask yourself as you read on: “Would I do this in the name of beauty?”


Odd Hollywood Beauty Tricks

Elmer’s Glue As a Skin Saver

I’ve been on many red carpets where 911 beauty emergencies are the rule including little blackheads that seem to pop out of nowhere. Want a quick fix? Grab some regular old Elmer’s glue and put a thin coating on the area. When it dries, rip it off. No more blackheads.

Verdict: I tried it and it works.


Va Va Voom Red Lips Without Lipstick

Remember when you were 10 and your mother had a “cow” if you tried her makeup on. Well, there was one trick she couldn’t get mad about involving Jell-O. A little red Jello-O on your lips is a way to make the red last for a really long time, plus you could torment your mother and make her think you defied the rules. Make-up artists actually do this with stars going to a big event when they dip their fingers into the Jell-O powder and apply it. If you add a little bit of gloss on top then it becomes your own va-va-voom red.

Verdict: It works, but too much fuss. Why not just invest in a great red lipstick that’s not sticky like Jell-O?


Get Rid of Shine Fast

You’re running to a red carpet event and it’s so darn hot outside that even the best makeup job is coated in that awful shine. Suddenly, your skin looks oily, messy, hot, which looks dreadful on TV or at Aunt Martha’s 90th birthday bash. You don’t want to wash off your makeup and start again. If you’re over 40, you REALLY don’t want to cake up with powder, which is quite aging. Instead, take a toilet seat cover…yes the kind you find in any public bathroom. Press it into the offending oily area and it removes the shine, but not the makeup.

Verdict: Tried and it works wonders. It’s a great, fast fix.


Got a Zit and A Big Event

This is no time to say every curse word you know while youpile on some cover-up that just draws attention to the offending eruption. If you have half a day then put a dab of white toothpaste on the zit to dry it up immediately. If you have less time then put a dot of Visine or nasal spray on the pimple to shrink the blood vessels, get rid of the red and de-crease the puff.

Verdict: All of the above are fabulous, fast ways to get rid of the problem.


Got a Few Stretch Marks

Stars have been known to eat fish eggs to combat the problem internally. This does work, says Jillian, because eating foods like fish or their roe (eggs) can help keep collagen and elasticity healthy before you get the stretch marks. It doesn’t “cure” old stretch marks.

Verdict: Sounds good, but not entirely practical.


No Vampires Around. Put a Leech on Your Skin

Yes, there are stars who believe that leeches are a way to get rid of toxins. Please don’t write into this blog if you love leeches as a beauty treatment. It’s a personal choice which is why I’m saying, “No way, never, never, never, never.” The leeches scene in “Stand By Me” had me running for the hills. By the way, Hollywood beauty experts say that this not only doesn’t work for humans, but it does feed the leeches your blood. All together now: Ewww.

Verdict: No, no, no!






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