Video: How to Remove Gel Nails at Home                                  how to remove gel nails at home

While gel nail polish is super convenient, when it comes time to take it off, those long-lasting effects can backfire. Let’s be honest, typically you don’t have the time to make the trek back to the salon to have them removed and end up peeling the gels off at home. Beauty, beware: This is a big no-no! In this video from New Beauty Live, find out how to minimize damage to your nails if you must remove your gels at home.  Video





 galaxy nail art

New Nail Art For Fall – Galaxy Nails:    


We loved this new nail art design inspired by the new fall designers.  It’s a very unique nail color look using red, black & gold sparkle nail enamels. To make it a little less labor intensive, we thought it might be easier to apply the red nail polish to your half moon’s first and then apply the black   ….  just a thought to make a great idea even easier.  And you could always substitute the red with your favorite color …   See how to create this great nail look here.








estee lauder

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer      


Our new spring pastel-colored Nail Lacquers were inspired by Paris in the springtime. Check out all the gorgeous hues:









Tip: Base coat is an absolute must; it’s that special barrier that keeps unwanted oils away that cause chipping!

Trick: Create your own nude polish that matches your skin tone perfectly by adding your shade of your favorite mineral foundation to a clear nail lacquer or top coat, mix well, and voila, the perfect nude for you!






Ombre Nail Perfection.                                       a ombre nails pink
(Manicure in Rose Macaron & Sugar Rose)
1. Paint nails a white base or the lightest shade of polish you’ll be using and let it dry completely.
2. Once base color is dry, dampen a make-up sponge &  squeeze out excess water 

3. Apply polishes in order from lightest to darkest – apply it on your nail by sponging up & down.
4. When sponging the colors make sure the layers are dry
    (if not, the polish will stick to the sponge).
5. Keep applying polish to the sponge as needed and keep sponging until you are satisfied with the blend.
6. Applying a top coat immediately helps blend the colors.








New From Orly – Hot or Not ?               orly gel FX nail polish



The latest technology for nails ! Orly’s Gel FX innovation is all the rage. Wondering how it works? Apply Shade Shifter over any ORLY Gel FX Color, then wait to be amazed. Temperature running hot? Shade Shifter becomes clear, magically revealing your Gel FX color underneath. Feeling a chill? Top-secret pigment transforms to darker hue.