Cargo ‘Mendocino’ Blush !

My New Favorite !

I know I will be using this for as long as it remains available. I recently purchased this at a local Sephora. This is a beautiful rose pink with a hint of peach and just the right amount of gold flecks that add warmth to a cool shade. This shade Reminds me of a beautiful sunset !

Cargo was originally developed as TV makeup, so it is highly saturated and lasts all day. This can be dusted on lightly or applied more heavily for a more intense look. It’s up to you… I am quickly discovering that this is one of Cargo’s most popular items !

Blush Tips : Don’t over do it ! With the more pigmented products that are available now, it doesn’t take much to end up looking like Happy The Clown. Start slow and build up. The brush you use really does makes all the difference . A denser synthetic brush with shorter hairs will pick up more product and laydown more color. For a lighter look, use a natural haired brush with longer hairs.

Also, don’t be afraid to blend more than one color. Instead of covering the entire cheek with one shade, I often use just a highlighter or a very light color all over my cheek first & then use a smaller brush to add a precisely placed ‘pop’ of color. Blend of course !



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