Fashion giant Marc Jacobs has finally made the move to  makeup. He recently launched a full color cosmetics line in partnership with Sephora. The line, a first for Jacobs, includes everything from concealer, eyeliners to the snazziest little mini nail polishes. Sephora is so confident in the success of Jacobs’ line that they are launching the brand simultaneously in all of it’s stores in the U.S. and Canada on August 9th. This is a risky venture and a first for the beauty retail giant.


marc jacobs-makeup



The Sephora team is so confident in the success of Jacobs’ line due to the designer’s commitment to being completely hands-on in whatever he creates. Says Jacobs: “We spent a lot of time developing materials and choosing the colors….the color palette tells a story and that story is based on a spirit. I chose different types of characters, such as an ingénue.”


The line includes bright colors and luxurious finishes that the designer himself hand-picked. Even the eyeliners and mascaras, which he calls “Blacquer”, were inspired by a black lacquered table in the designer’s home.


 Notorious for being bold Jacobs claims that the only product you won’t find in his line is a nude palette. Says the designer, “I don’t like natural, that’s a little lazy. But I think there is just a kind of honesty and an ease and an irreverence with this.”

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