Ever hear of the lipstick index?

It’s the theory that lipstick is an economic barometer. Hmmm, cosmetics predicting finance… maybe. But one thing we know for sure is that the way you apply your lipstick can predict key personality traits.

Need proof? Reach into your bag, pull out your lipstick and compare it’s tip to the seven most common shapes of used lipsticks, which are listed below. Then let us know how closely your personality matches up!

One steep angle: The Power Broker

She is self-confident, well-balanced, conscientious, and has a love for detail. With her drive and ingenuity, she gets over every hurdle. She has a perfect memory, doesn’t bear grudges, and is always the center of attention in her circle of friends. In her life, everything always goes steeply upwards, just like the shape of her lipstick. So she is not the type of woman whose place is in the kitchen – nobody can control her.





One concave angle: The Diva

She’s creative, energetic and outgoing. While it may be her appearance – or volume — that gets her noticed, she does possess true and rare talents which will keep her in the spot light. She won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and isn’t afraid to take risks, even if there’s good chance they won’t pay off. She’s is always driving forward at a hard, fast pace, and regardless if she achieves the outcome she’s seeking, she’ll definitely leave an impression, much like the way she indents her lipstick.




The rounded center point: The Seeker
Endlessly curious, she’s constantly searching for truth or a fabled treasure. She’s both meticulous and enthusiastic as she explores the world around her. She’s patient enough to let mysteries unfold before her, but daring enough to occasionally leap before looking. She approaches life comprehensively , with a gentle and childlike wonderment, much like the even and sloping way her lipstick becomes shaped as she twirls it around her mouth. She has innocence about her that will never fade or be broken, but her unwillingness to settle may become her downfall.





Curved angles on both sides: The Daredevil

She is daring, imaginative and very sensual, a creative type with lots of spirit and a strong personality. She loves surprises and a varied life, and her lipstick looks just as adventurous. Worn down equally on both sides, it looks like the mouthpiece of a whistle. She couldn’t care less about conventions and goes her own individual way.







Flat top: The Diplomat

She has a carefree disposition, she is eloquent… a born diplomat. Friends often ask her for advice, because she is a good listener and always gets to the heart of things. She handles her lipstick just as straightforwardly as she goes through her life. It is worn off flat and reliably. Women do not consider her a competitor, and men do not consider her a sex object – no matter how pretty she looks.





Concave flat top: The Sensual Empath

She is sensitive, thoughtful and reserved. Her passion flourishes undetected, and in her dream world, everything is much more beautiful than in reality. She looks for understanding, friendship, and closeness, but quite often, she is disappointed. Her desire for an intimate relationship is also reflected in the firm pressure on her lipstick which shows a clear concave-hollowed tip. Big romantic words, poems and charming lyric poetry make her a passionate lover.

Rounded top: Femme Véritable

She is gentle, feminine, and has a deep need for peace and harmony. Everybody feels at ease in her company, because she is has no rough edges – she simply is a marvelous lover, an excellent cook, and a loving wife. Everything in her life proceeds in a purposeful and planned manner, because she leaves nothing to chance. Not even the shape of her used lipstick, which is also perfectly round and smooth. – Tarte

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