3 Unexpected Uses for Lipgloss

lip gloss

We collect lip glosses the way some women collect shoes: we have one in every shade for every possible occasion (what, you don’t have a dedicated shade for chance encounters with your ex?). Since there’s no bigger tragedy than an untapped lip gloss cache, we asked Sarah Lucero and Reiva Cruze, two pro makeup artists, to share their favorite unconventional ways to wear gloss. You’ll never look at that tube of pink in the same way again.



If your hair is sticking up every which way, run a little clear gloss like Naked Princess Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss or Jouer Lip Enhancer through the ends. This makes the hair more piecey and manageable, explains Cruze, and binds any flyaways. “Just make sure to keep it on the ends, not near the roots,” she recommends. A friendly word of caution: this trick generally works best on color-treated hair, which tends to be on the drier side.


Try wearing a bit of gloss on your lids for a shiny, dewy look. Lucero suggests prepping skin first with a clear wax-based balm like Jurlique’s Rose Love Balm to prevent the gloss from feeling sticky. Next, choose a translucent gloss in a pastel, pink, or sorbet shade, Chantecaille’s Brilliant Gloss comes in a range of suitable hues. Take a little bit of gloss, and dab the pigment onto your lids using your ring finger.

You can also use your gloss to create a fun color liner by pairing it with a bright eye shadow, says Cruze. Take a very thin liner brush, and apply the gloss to your lash line. Using the same brush, pick up a dose of eye shadow and trace over the gloss. The result: a feminine gel-like liner in your favorite shadow shade.


It’s easy to turn gloss into a cream blush. Start with a highly pigmented, heavy-duty formula like Stila’s stay all day liquid lipstick. Using the back of your hand, mix a tiny bit of the gloss with a balm-like moisturizer such as Yu-Be’s Moisturizing Skin Cream to create a sheered-out cheek color. Before applying it, prep your skin with a tinted moisturizer or foundation so you have a smooth, even canvas. “Never rub on cream blush,” says Lucero. “Using the pads of your fingers, lightly press and tap the color into the apples of your cheeks.” Remember: less is more when it comes to applying gloss outside your lips. – Birchbox


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