Not long ago, blue eye shadow was considered a bigger faux pas than a muffin top, reserved for retro television stars and moms in need of makeovers. “We got so much of it from the ’60s to the ’80s that it just became comical,” says Estée Lauder.  But perhaps we should take a hint from those past perpetrators of excess: “Blue eye shadow is flattering on nearly everyone—every skin tone, eye color, hair shade,” says Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director of Estee Lauder.


The hue has a rather magical ability to brighten bloodshot eyes, perk up sallow-looking skin, and neutralize undereye circles, thus performing an impressive age-rewinding hat trick.  So, why—and how—does a hue once more or less shunned make a comeback? “Blue is a very optimistic color, and I think that’s what everyone wants to feel right now,” says Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter . “You put it on, and it instantly changes your mood for the better.” 




blue green

Blue – green affair – Mint green and yellow eyeshadows on the upper lid rimmed by cobalt on lower lashes and used as a liner on outer half of upper lid.  

blue liner

Blue Streak –      Cobalt Blue eyeliner – Simply stated on a nude eye.

a blue sand sea

Sand and Sea.  Black liquid eyeliner on both top and bottom surrounded by teal eyeshadow on lids and copper along crease.


blie eye liner
Blue Mood – Double row eyeliner. Cobalt blue smudged out all the way around and then black on waterline top and bottom. Blend.


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