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That long, hard battle against the hands of time & mother nature may soon have lost their fight. New ideas and technologies from Korea may finally hold the secret to more youthful skin. Internal studies have shown that the Saranghae 5-step Anti-Aging System stimulates 200% more collagen and elastin production at the cellular level.

Collagen & elastin are the proteins that give your skin a youthful, healthy and radiant glow. Saranghae’s powerful antioxidants give your skin cells the necessary hydration and nutrients to keep producing more collagen and elastin, essentially regenerating new and youthful skin.

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and skin thickness because the loss in collagen and elastin accelerates.

Starting at the age of 18, the average person loses 1% of collagen every year. At the age of 30, you are losing about 1.5% of collagen each year. By the time you reach 40 that number increases to 2%. This causes your skin to decrease in thickness by 9% every 10 years.

That loss in collagen and elastin does not slow down, it only accelerates as we reach our 50s and 60s.

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