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Yesterday in the Fashionista office someone suggested, quite seriously, that Karl Lagerfeld  must have clones, because the man is absolutely everywhere and doing everything. It’s not a ridiculous suggestion. In today’s Karl khronicle, we’re happy to report that Karl is doing what’s sure to be an iKonic makeup collection.

Karl’s dabbled in beauty in the past: He did a line of makeup for Sephora (which never hit the US) and let’s not forget about his fragrance, Karleidoscope. His latest is a holiday color cosmetics collaboration with Shu Uemura, the Japanese beauty brand with which he already has a personal connection.

Karl uses the cult fave cosmetics to color his famous illustrations. When asked “why Shu Uemura?” he said, “Because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.” Pretty high praise. He also told Bazaar a few months ago that he had a beloved Shu Uemura bath product (since discontinued) that he used religiously–perhaps they’ll revive it for him now!

The limited edition one-off holiday collection, called Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura, will be available internationally starting in November, WWD is reporting. There will be 17 pieces in the collection, and Karl was involved in the packaging and color selection. He already shot the campaign, too. Of course he did. He’s probably since moved on to 17 other projects.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited for this one. Shu Uemara is a great brand on its own, but adding Karl’s touch potentially makes it magical



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