Beauty maintenance can be a pain in the sizzling summer heat. Heat & humidity can cause makeup to feel like it’s melting off of your beach makeupface and leave your hair limp & lifeless or even worse …frizzy and out of control. There is something you can do to tame the monsters of summer & avoid becoming a complete beauty disaster? Try some of these great tips: 


Keep it Light

Try a new foundation. Makeup that is caked on in the summer is going to look just that way: caked. Several cosmetic companies offer light foundations that also have SPF and moisturizers. Try using one of these in the summer. The SPF will protect your face from the harsh sun, and the moisturizers will help to keep your skin soft despite being out in the sun. There are also several brands that offer mineral makeup, which is a blessing in the summer. Bare Escentuals is one. Always remember to wear sun block when you are out in the sun: sometimes these foundations don’t have enough SPF to keep you safe all day.


Avoid BlushIf you’re in the hot weather, chances are your cheeks will be flushed. Adding blush to them may make you look clownish or sunburned. If you must use blush, try a bronzer instead. A bronzer will give you a summer glow as opposed to streaky clown cheeks.


Summer Hot Weather Makeup And Hair Tips:

Limit yourself to one shade of eye shadow, and try to make it a lighter, summery shade. The more you sweat, the more your eye shadow may cake into the creases of your eyelids. Using less shadow can help eliminate this problem. We also tend to carry over our winter colors into summer. Summer is the time to lighten up your look. Also, too dark colors can be aging in the summer.


Straighten it Out –

People with curly hair tend to experience frizz when there is a lot of humidity in the air. If you’re not planning to be in the water, you may want to try straightening your hair with a ceramic straightener. You can find a ceramic hair straightener at your local beauty supply store. Straighteners come in many styles and in various price ranges, so you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

 Beauty Stores also carry serums that help to keep hair straight, despite its texture or the humidity. With as few as two drops of anti-frizz serum applied to the hair before blow drying, you can keep your hair silky and smooth in the summer time.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, fine, straight hair tend to fall even flatter & can even ‘gum up’ in the humid air. Here you need to use anti-humidity products. There are many anti-humidity hair products on the market. Stay away from oily products and excess conditioner. Avoid layering on too many products as they just give the humidity more to work with. One easy solution is to take advantage of all the great faux hair that is available. Just pin your hair up & add a nice hair piece !


Waterproof it –

 If you plan on spending a lot of time in the water during the summer, you may want to invest in a tube of waterproof mascara. You’ll save a lot of money by using waterproof mascara because you won’t have to reapply every time you get out of the pool. Waterproof mascara can be removed with most facial cleansers.

 Also, try waterproof sun block. Your summer makeup will look far more natural if you’re not trying to hide sunburn.


Try a New Style –

 If you tend to wear your hair down all of the time, summer is the perfect time to try a new style. Braiding is a great alternative. You could try a French braid, pigtail braids at the sides of your head, or a regular braid. If you plan on swimming, try putting a bit of conditioner in your hair and then braid it. The conditioner will help keep the chemicals in pool water or algae in fresh water from harming your hair.


Be creative with your summer hair and makeup styling !  Use what you know about your hair type, skin tone, and skin sensitivity to find the most flattering styles to use during the summer.


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