Get glam for the holidays with Nars. The Nars cosmetics artistry team stopped by Barneys to offer advice on getting glam for the holidays …

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Nars cosmetics artistry team stopped by Barneys New York to offer their advice on getting glam for the holidays with the line’s collection of vibrant eye shadows, saturated lip colors, and new FDA-approved, Shiseido-formulated skincare. We sat down for a one-on-one to get the tips and tricks for dolling up this season.
Before anything else, you must take care of your skin. If you don’t start with a healthy canvas, anything you put on top of it will look off. During the skin-drying winter months, gently exfoliate daily—try the Nars multiaction hydrating toner, which gets rid of dead skin with an alcohol-free formula that brightens without a harsh scrub.
Eye cream is for everyone. The skin around the eyes doesn’t product its own oils so it’s especially important to moisturize there. Use a firming moisturizer twice daily to fill in and prevent fine lines.
•To bring that summer glow onto winter skin, apply an illuminating, cream-based shimmer before foundation. Our Nars artist swiped the multi-use color stick in copacabana heavily onto cheekbones, and lightly on our forehead, nose, and chin (anywhere the light hits). Then blend foundation over the top to give skin a gorgeous inner glow.

Skip powder in the winter. Unless your skin is particularly oily, powder only makes skin look drier.
Bold lips and smoky eyes are extra-popular this winter— but the key is to not wear them together. Go big on one or the other or try a muted version of each (for example, try using brown instead of black eyeliner).
•Take time applying mascara. Often people think their mascara isn’t working right because they swipe it on in a hurry. Instead, slowly wiggle the applicator through lashes and pull slightly up and out.
•Finish with under-eye concealer, applying the most in the inner corner, a little on the outer corner, and blending towards the middle.

And our own advice? The holidays are a great time to push the bounds of your normal makeup comfort zone, so try that dark aubergine lip color, rock some super-shimmery cheekbones, or vamp it up with a smoky eye. Shop Talk


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