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I was loosely inspired by this beautiful look on Emma Stone in a Revlon ad. I did not use the Revlon products featured in this ad, because I am a rebel, but also because I wanted to put my own spin on it.

I encourage you to duplicate looks you see and love, but also feel free to modify based on your eye shape, eye color, etc. Emma has bright red hair in this ad and I think they went more a purple/red with her eyes on account of that. It’s a beautiful contrast, but I wanted to make this look a little more wearable for the holiday table.

1.) I am using Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk. I love these cream eyeshadows. No creasing and the colors are buildable and vibrant.

2.) Apply Color Tattoo with a synthetic brush or your finger. Make sure to extend the color well beyond your crease, but not quite up to your eyebrows. It will also depend on how much real estate you have in this area. I have quite a bit of space from my crease to my brow. You will want to probably pack on a few layers to get the right color density. I applied with a brush first to get the shape I wanted and then packed on additional color with my ring finger.
I also took a small brush and applied the same cranberry color along the lower lashline, going almost right into the tear duct area but not quite.

3.) Take a stiff, flat eye shadow brush like e.l.f.’s cbrush and pat some of Urban Decay Half Baked (from both Naked palettes) onto the lower center of the lid. You will just want enough so that gold peeks through your lashes when your eyes are open. Feel free to dab a bit on the inner eye corners as well to bring some light to that area.

4.) Next take a crease brush and apply Urban Decay Busted (from Naked 2 Palette) onto the outer third of your upper lid, maintaining a strong slanted line at the edge up toward the brow. If you need to straighten out this outer edge, just take a pointed Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover and sweep upwards toward the end of your brow.

5.) Take your darkest black eyeliner and line the top lash line. I am using  No Place to Run Long wear Eyeliner in Jet Set from mark.

6.) Line on the bottom in your waterline. This can be scary at first, but the impact of lining your waterline can be huge! Look at Mila Kunis. She almost always has a black-lined waterline.

7.) You can apply mascara now and be done if you wish. I used Loreal Telescopic on top and bottom lashes.

8.) I am applying false lashes because I want this look to be more dramatic and if you’ll notice, Emma’s lashes appear more winged out at the ends. She is definitely wearing false lashes in this ad.

9.) I am using e.l.f. lashes and I am not starting them right in the inner corner of my eye but rather a bit further down to enhance the winged outer lash effect.

10.) All done and ready to impress everyone at the holiday table!

– ivyboyd


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