High street make-up brands are definitely having a moment, and with great  products it’s no wonder really. Guest writer, make-up artist Mizz Glitzy  picks out some of her favorites:



There are a few new fab foundations on the high street  but before I go into detail I wanted to share my experiences as a makeup artist,  the key of perfect foundation is perfect skin so here we go……



I have found that good preparation is the way to  perfection….

  • Find out is your skin, oily, normal or a combination 
  • Now we have broken that down, now we have to treat our skin with a cleanse  tone and moisturizer…. ( I will go into further detail next month)please if  you have any questions ask!
  • Depending on your skin and how much you treat it! Whether it’s a primer or  serum you need…. we then pick r foundation! Before we buy any foundation way  up the pros and cons and check if it’s suitable for you? These are the questions  you need to ask yourself!






Maybelline – Fit Me 

This foundation has a SPF 18, and also uses pigments  to give a true natural match…. no oils…..no waxes…. perfect for oily skin.  This foundation does have three steps as in foundation, powder and concealer!!!  The powder has creamy pigment technology that gives a flawless effect with  matching numbers to a concealer.







Max  Factor – 3 in 1 Face Finity

This foundation has an added SPF 20 and stays  flawless throughout the day the added primer really adds to your complexion, it  will even out oily skin as well as give an amazing coverage. This foundation as  an added concealer and primer all in one which does help save are penny’s  ladies!!!







Bourjous – 123 Perfect foundation 

This foundation does have a SPF 10 and also 3 steps to the  foundation I’ll quickly run through

  1. Stands for yellow pigments – conceals dark circles.
  2. Mauve pigments- convert dullness into radiance.
  3. Green pigments –evens out redness.


This foundation does have advantages but if you  suffer from really dry skin it can tend to clog and stick, so this will  highlight them areas.







Loreal – Lumi  Magique

This foundation has a SPF 18, It has a light texture  and lets skin breathe 24 hrs. Hydration it will really make dull tired skin  instantly radiant… I would not recommend this to ladies with oily skin.



There is a foundation perfect for  each and every one of one of us! 





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