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hair chalking img





This new trend is relatively easy to do yourself, inexpensive and will only last a day or two. This is perfect if you want to just to add a little flair to your weekend look, like some hot pink, blue or even multiple colors to give you the tie dye look and then be able to wash it out.
Here is what you will need to do this:

• Soft Wax Pastel Chalk – (not sidewalk chalk) you can get this at any craft storeHair chalk
• Gloves – the chalk will stain your hands
• Spray Bottle filled with water
• Curling Iron or Flat Iron
• Sectioning clips
• Old t-shirt, towel or cape
The steps are very simple to achieve this look:
Step 1
Section your hair then take about a one inch section and spray the strand of hair with water. You can spray just the tip or you can do the whole strand, it all depends on how much of the strand of hair you want colored.
Step 2
Put the gloves on and take one of the pastel chalks and start coloring the wet strand of hair but color it going downward with the grain of the hair. You don’t want to rub it up and down as that will damage the hair. Finish one color at a time before moving to the next color.

DIY Hair chalking
Step 3
Let the chalk colored hair strands air dry.
Step 4
Once strands are dry, you will need to lock in the color with either a curling iron or flat iron depending on your desired style. Make sure you go over each colored strand with the iron.
This will work on all hair types although with darker hair you may have to use brighter colors like…yellow, orange and red in order to really see the color. This is cool way to have fun with your hair with out spending too much money and having the commitment.





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