A pair of false Lashes can add a sparkle to your eye and take your makeup from ordinary to extraordinary in a wink. Gorgeous Cosmetics Founder and CEO, David McConnell, shares his expert tips on everything ‘False Lashes’, from choosing the right style, to professional application techniques, to making them last all day and night.
a false lashes

“With a variety of lengths, shapes and finishes, the False Lashes I have designed for Gorgeous’ Madam Lash False Lash collection are suitable for absolutely any occasion where glamour is needed. The range features everyday, natural, ‘ready-to-wear’ lash styles (try Gorgeous Cosmetics ‘Mini’) as well as high fashion, haute couture varieties (try Gorgeous Cosmetics ‘Hepburn’).


Whatever your makeup look, you can enjoy the head-turning effects a pair of lush, beautiful lashes can have!”





1. Measure your false lash against your natural lash. If false lash is too long for your eye shape, trim off a small amount from the longer end of the false lash.


2. Curl natural lashes with Gorgeous Cosmetics Eyelash Curler and apply a light coat of Glamalash Mascara


3.  Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the band of one of your false lashes. Leave for 10-20 seconds until the glue becomes tacky.


* * PRO TIP: Choose a professional lash glue that is waterproof and quick drying. White colored glue allows you to see where you’re going, and dries clear. It won’t damage your natural lashes, and only a small amount is needed.


4. Standing close to the mirror, hold your false lash at the opposite end to the glue, tilt head up and close your eye slightly. Place false lash down on top of your natural lashes, with the gluey band slotted in the crease between the skin of your eyelid and your natural lash line.


5. Maneuver the false lash into place, making sure both the inner and outer corners are lined up with your natural lash line. If any part of the false lash is sticking out, simple press down on it until in sticks.


6. By now the glue is just about dry, so to ensure your false lashes look 100% natural and last all day and night, secure them on tightly by pressing the base of your false lash, the base of your natural lash and glue together using your thumb and forefinger.


7. Repeat with the second false lash. And remember: practice makes perfect!


8. Finish with iLine Liquid Eyeliner Pen to disguise where the lashes have been applied. Thick or thin liner, both will work well. A swish of mascara will lift your natural lashes up into the false lashes for a natural look.


9. When the night is over, carefully peel false lashes off eyes and remove any glue left on the lash. Place lashes back in their box until the next time you wish to use them. When taken care of, Gorgeous Cosmetics false lashes can be reused up to 10 times.

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