We all know that  having a tan makes you feel thinner, sexier, healthier & rich !  …. Ok, well maybe not rich, but we certainly want to look bronzed for the summer . 

Baking in the sun is becoming increasingly unpopular as more women realize the sun’s UV rays age skin faster than anything not to mention is a cause of cancer as well.  Also, the sun damage will show on your face in the form of spots & freckles as those lower skin layers make their way to the top as you age. Self-tanners are a great bet if you’re ready to skip laying out, but don’t want to give up glowing skin .



6 Great Tips For Self-Tanning Your Face And Body


Tip #1:  Salon Tans Are Your Best Bet

For a flawless, professional application , head to a spa or salon. At a salon you can get one of many options: Full body exfoliation and professional application of self-tanner, airbrush bronzing: an aesthetician sprays a fine mist of tanner over your entire body…. or your least expensive option: spray tanning. You step into a booth and get sprayed on all sides for about $20 a session. Check for salons in your area.

Tip #2: How To Use Self-tanner On Your Face

This is a four-step process. Pull hair away from your face before beginning. 
Step One : Prep

Prep skin by gently cleansing and exfoliating, this is important so that you get a more even look. dry skin build up will make your result look patchy.  Skip the moisturizer until after your ‘tan’ is developed.

Step Two: Apply An Eye Cream

This will diffuse the color under your eyes a bit helping you to look younger. You van blend a bit of makeup here later if you need additional color.


Step Three: Blend

Blend a few drops of self-tanner and equal parts moisturizer in the palm of your hand then apply over face and neck. You don’t want to go too much darker than your natural skin tone.

Step Four:  Wait Patiently

Let the self tanner develop for two hours or so. You can always fill in with a bronzer of a touch of powder or liquid foundation later. I like a liquid better, but whatever works best for you is fine.



Don’t Forget To:  Blend tanner onto your neck. Nothing looks worse than a pale neck & tanned face. Wash hands thoroughly. 

Tip #3:  How To Self-Tan Your Body

For this three-step process, start by exfoliating skin . Using a body scrub followed by a loofah is best to make sure you get as much dry skin off as possible. Pay special attention to  knees, elbows, feet & ankles.  Rough areas will absorb more color, resulting in a patch look. Shave before you tan.

Apply tanner all over, starting with your legs & working your way up.  Wait ay least 10 minutes to dry before dressing.  Make sure to wash hand thoroughly so that you have the tell-tale fake tanner palms !

Tip #4: Pick The Right Tanner.

There are many different types of self tanners:  Tanners created just for the face, airbrush tanners, cream tans, bronzing gel, tinted tans and tan enhancers. There’s body shimmer and bronzing powder. You can layer tanners as colors fade. How? Apply a lotion then follow with bronzing powder or shimmer. Just be careful not to go too dark.

Tip #5: So You Messed Up !

If you end up with a streaky tan, you can fix it with nail polish remover ! You can also exfoliate with a pumice stone to even out a patchy area.  If your tan is not dark enough just repeat the procedure. You may want to do a couple of application over the course of a couple of days.  
Tip #6 :  Yes, Fair Skinned Gals Can Self Tan Too !
Fair skin is a little harder to self tan. The higher your melanin content, the easier you tan. This seems to go for natural tanning or self tanning.  Melanin is the stuff that gives your skin color. More melanin equals darker skin.  Self tanners usually come in a couple of shades, light – medium or Medium – dark.  I find that the medium-dark shades seem to work better on fair skin.  

Happy Tanning !

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