I knew it was happening to me when my eye shadow started to crease and my upper lids got crepey. While brow-lift surgery can reduce the droopiness, its results, which can sometimes look scary and unnatural, are permanent.


how to fake a brow lift

Here are some other ways to fake a rejuvenating brow lift:



  • Get a  lift with a high bun: Celebs like Julianne Hough (at the Rock of  Ages premiere), Elizabeth Banks (at the MTV Movie Awards), Elle Macpherson (above), and Kim Kardashian (everywhere) show that this sleek,  classic look never goes out of style. A tight bun (or ponytail) lifts everything up and back. Just don’t wear this style too often or you may pull  out some hair.


  • The Hair Trick: If  buns and ponytails aren’t your thing, try taking a small section of hair (about a quarter inch wide) from each temple and pull the pieces up and back. ( this is hidden UNDER the rest of your hair) If your  hair is long enough, tie the pieces together in the back, high on the crown, and hide the tie under the rest of your hair. Or, if the pieces are too short, pin them securely above and behind your ears.


  • The Injectable Filler Lift : One of my favorite minimally invasive procedures is a brow “lift” using an injectable filler, typically Restylane or Juvéderm. A tiny bit is placed along the underside of the eyebrow, to replace the fat pad that shrinks over time. This gives a subtle lift to both brow and lid. But the injections must be made carefully and precisely, so you don’t end up looking like a Neanderthal.


  • You can also get great results with just a drop of Botox below the brow: This widens your eyes, makes the upper lids less heavy, and lifts the outer part of  the brow. If done incorrectly, though, the Botox can make the lids and brows  droop, so be sure your doctor has a lot of experience in treating this  area.
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