Want long, thick, luscious eyelashes? Most women do, but you don’t need prescription eyelash enhancers to get them. Just simple beauty and mascara tips can help do the trick.       mascara

In the old days, we had to pick between mascara’s that lengthened our lashes or thickened them. Not today! Mascaras do just about everything now–some even promise to help make them grow longer and stronger over time. Below are a few tips for gorgeous, lush eyelashes.





Condition With Vaseline                                                     vaseline

Apply Vaseline to your lashes nightly–just a smidge–to keep them healthy. This eyelash enhancer is an old beauty secret, but it works! After a couple of nights, you’ll already see the difference. Your lashes will look longer and fatter with a glossy touch.



Curl With Warmth

Always curl your lashes  before applying mascara. It makes them appear longer and helps open up your eyes. Tip: for maximum curl, warm the curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds .Make sure it is NOT too hot, or you can harm your lashes.



Powder Up

Dust a little loose face powder over your lashes with a makeup brush. It’s definitely one of the best eyelash enhancers. The powder clings to your lashes and lash tips. After applying two coats of mascara, your lashes will look longer and thicker. Don’t overdo the powder, or you’ll end up with a clumpy mess. One dusting will suffice.



Use a Color to Enhance

Choose the right color of mascara. Brown tends to thicken eyelashes, whereas black lengthens them. A trendy technique to try is “minking.” With minking, you apply a coat of brown mascara, let it dry, and add black just to the tips. Instantly, you’ll have thick and flirty longer lashes!



Pick a Good Mascara 

Read beauty magazines and makeup reviews on eyelash enhancers. Then choose a mascara that adds both volume and length.


Check  out a few to see which formula works best for you.

For fuller fringe with one swipe, try  – Loreal Voluminous.  My lashes seem thicker and longer, and my face stays smudge free.

clinique high impact mascara


Another fave is Clinique High Impact Mascara.




With many mascara brushes not making the grade these days, both of these have a nice strong brush which helps apply the product nicely.




Lash Extensions

Everyone woman wants long, luxurious eyelashes- that’s why we buy so many different kinds of mascara and wear false eyelashes.  Until recently those were our only choices, but now we have more options to getting those amazing lashes. Lash extensions are one those options. Lash extensions are false lashes that are attached to your natural lashes.  Extensions can be tricky, make sure you have someone who is very experienced in the application or you could have a mess on your hands. Lash extension cost about $100-150 per application and do grow out along with your natural lashes, so these are not a permanent fix.




False Eye Lashes                                                 false eye lashes

Ardell, Revlon, MAC & Shu Uemura make some of the most popular brands. Price range is anywhere from $5 – $150 for custom made mink lashes. False lashes can look great but some of the cheaper brands can be uncomfortable and hard to apply. Lasting anywhere from a single use to 3-4 weeks worth of uses depending on how much you want tp spend, false lashes are always an option.


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