Makeup for brown eyes can sometimes be confusing to get right. The good thing is since brown doesn’t have an opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, just about any eye makeup color will work for women with brown eyes.


If you happen to be one of these lucky brown-eyed gals, these makeup tips will help you look your best and enhance your natural beauty.




Know Your Color –  Before you start buying eye-makeup, know the color of your eyes. Find out if they are amber brown, deep chocolate brown or light brown. Brown eyes come in many different shades, so you need to match your eye makeup to the color of your eyes.





brown eyes glitter eye shadow  brown eyes metallic eye shadow








Metallic Tones – Brown eyes are very beautiful, no matter what shade of brown they are. So why not bring them out that much more with some metallic tones?  Golds, bronze, browns and even pinks are all colors that can truly make your brown eyes stand out that much more!





brown eyes neutral eye makup

brown eyes amber eye shadow








Neutral Colors If you’re looking for makeup tips for brown eyes that are a bit more natural, go with some neutral shades. Taupe’s, peaches and browns are colors that go well with brown eyes. You can just go with eyeliner in these colors too.  





a brown eye liner brown eyes white eye  liner







White Eye LinerA lot of people don’t think that white eye liner is attractive, but if you pair white liner with some metallic tones that bring out brown eyes, it can look incredible as the white liner highlight your brown eyes.  




a night-shimmer_look brown eyes shimmer eye makeup









Shimmer – Shimmer goes with any and all eye colors. Adding in a bit of shimmer to match your eye shadow color can really make your eyes pop and is the ideal makeup trick for brown eyes.




bobbi brown foundation

Under-Eye Concealer – A lot of women have dark circles under their eyes. But there are ways that you can hide them and make those baby browns pop. Just place a bit of under eye concealer there and blend. After that, cover up completely with foundation and you’ll see just how awesome brown eyes can look without those dark circles under them. or just use a good stick foundation. A good one to try: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick 




a eyebrowsbrown eye makeup plums








Deep Plum Eyeliner & Shadow – Yes, you read it right. It’s deep plum. Purple is one of the many colors that go beautifully with brown eyes. So switch out your brown or black eyeliner and eye shadows for a deep plum makeup shades . Instantly, you’ll see how it makes your eyes pop.

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