Dark circles can make you look old and haggard. Here is a new makeup tip that can help you camouflage those unsightly under-eye circles.


how to cover dark circles


We all love the upcoming holiday party season, but are all too familiar with how it can sap the life out of any well beauty regimen. Here is a new trick to help you combat those dark circles that are sure to show up just when you least need them. So after you’ve danced the night away and the sun is beginning to shine down, the next morning may not be quite so pretty. Here is a brand new idea to help cover up those nasty dark circles.


Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder’s Creative Makeup Director has a completely new way to conceal those nasty under eye dark circles:


Tea bags? Nope. Concealer? Nope. 


Yup,  here’s a brand new beauty tip to tackle those post party dark circles  …


Peach or coral tone blusher to the rescue ! Peach and orange tones are always the best. Peach for light to medium skin tones, Coral for darker skin tones.

After applying a peach or coral tone blusher to the apple of your cheeks, sweep the left-over powder from your brush under your eyes. The orange tone in the blush will neutralize the blue and green in your dark circles.


And lastly Tom adds, “My favorite makeup look on a woman is one that suits her perfectly! You may think a woman will look amazing in red lipstick, but if she doesn’t feel at ease with it, she’ll never wear it and she will just look uncomfortable. It’s really important for a woman to feel confident and great wearing makeup.”


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