Under eye circles, those puffy, dark beauty robbers    ….  Not to worry, beauty icon Bobbi Brown shows us how to cover up those pesky under eye circles the RIGHT way !!



Step 1: Apply a light eye cream underneath the eye area. Gently pat it in with the pad of your index finger. It should absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling smooth.


how to cover under eye circles the right way






Step 2: Use a concealer brush or your index finger to apply the concealer in a triangle shape underneath your eyes in the area of the under eye circles . This covers your dark circles and draws attention to your cheekbones.


how to cover dark circles






Step 3: Apply the under eye concealer all the way up to your lash line and onto the dark areas by the inner corners of your eyes. This is the most crucial step in properly applying concealer!



how to cover under eye circles






Step 4: Use more concealer than you think you need, and blend it into the skin using the pad of your index finger in a soft, patting motion. If you still see dark circles, go ahead and apply a second layer of concealer. Try Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer kits. ($33). They’re amazing!

how to cover under eye cirlces




Step 5: To the lock the concealer into place, apply pale yellow powder over the concealer and on the eyelids with a powder puff. We like Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust ($12.99).


how to cover under eye circles






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