Pink & punk at Chanel Cruise 2013


It was Marie Antoinette gone wrong when chanel’s Cruise 2012/2013 collection sailed down the runway at the Palace of versailles. And  It wasn’t just the clothes that were candy colored, angular bobs and strong makeup were colored pink. Whether you’re a fan of Marie Antoinette’s aesthetic or an entusiast of M.I.A’s music, get ready to devour your beauty shelves with this punk girl look. Here’s how:




The focal point of this look is the intense eyes. The rose pink eyeshadow goes all the way to the brows, covering the entire top lid of the eye. The shade used here is from Chanel’s Limited Edition Ombre Essentielle in Rose Favorite.



 The eyes step-by-step:

  1. Pick an eyeshadow that’s of a creamy texture, as they’re easy to apply on the lid. This Chanel eyeshadow shade is a shimmery mousse, so it applies really easily.
  2. Apply an eye primer to the entire lid, so it can hold the strong colour in place.
  3. Start with swiping the colour along the top lash line with an eyeshadow brush. Work the product over the lid in a diagonally upward motion into the crease and then take it up to the brow.
  4. Blending is the key here, so imagine as though you’re painting the top lid of your eye. Use more produce for more intensity and pigmentation.
  5. If you want to imitate the exact runway look, brush a little product upwards through the brow. Otherwise stop about 5mm under the brow.
  6. Finish up by adding some eyeshadow under the eye – keep it concentrated under the iris. You can also apply a white eye pencil to the waterline, to make the eyes appear more alive.
  7. Use an eyelash curler to simply define the lashes and curl them, but don’t use any product on them. It’s all about the lids here.




For Chanel Cruise 2013, the make-up look is all about the eyes and the cheeks, as they narrate the entire beauty story for the collection. Using the Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Pétale shade, Philips adds definition to the cheeks for this look.

You don’t need a bronzer or highlighter for this, as you can use a powder blush to create an illusion of architectural cheekbones. However, if you’re using a cream blush, remember to blend it in really well, and all the way till the hairline; you don’t want any blotches.


Anni Hall says a pink blush isn’t just restricted to this look, as by adding a pinky punch to the cheek instantly lifts up tired complexions. “Blend a cool pink (whether it’s soft or bold) on the apples of the cheeks… It’ll make you look so much brighter,” she recommends.





The excessive use of the colour pink contributed to the theatrical element of the runway show, one that Lagerfeld aimed to achieve, but it’s not very feasible for an everyday look.

“For a successful look, choose one focal point and tone down the other features. Either go for pink eyes, or for the quickest and most effective look, work a bright pink lip,” suggests Hall. 




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