When dainty meets glamourous, you get Chanel’s vision for haute couture and gold-class luxury. The fairytale nostalgia at Chanel haute couture fall 2012 saw a  meld of smoky eyes and pink cheeks.  A little offbeat ? Yes. But what else would you expect from   from the king of haute couture, Karl Lagerfeld?

Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Make-up, masterminded the idea, only adding glamor to Lagerfeld’s  ‘New Vintage’ theme for this year’s haute couture show.

The look is as girly as it gets –  shimmering eyes,  soft blushed cheeks,and dewy skin.  But the decadence of silver and black on the eyelids contrasts the baby pink cheeks, making it rough, neo-classic and… new. The perfect look for fall.


chanel fall makeup



Philips prepped each model’s skin with a hydrating serum, just to make the make up last longer and have it sustain a natural glow.

For this look, skip a heavy duty foundation and apply a moisturizing tinted moisturizer instead. If you have any visible redness, dab a light-weight concealer cream only on the region. Philips used Chanel’s Correctuer Perfection on each model for the show.

 chanel fall makeup




The blush “a bit higher than usual” for this particular look, to create an illusion of higher cheekbones. The soon-to-launch Chanel blush, Joues Contraste  in ‘Rose Initial’ was applied in an inverted slant across the apples of the cheeks, going all the way to the jawline.

For this look, skip the bronzer and let the blush contour the cheeks.


 chanel fall makeup colors



These are the assets of the look, as all the drama and action is happening right around the eyes.
•These soft  metallic smoky eyes, have a tint of silvery-blue, but feel free to use other metallic shades when creating this look for yourself. Make sure the eyeshadow isn’t too shimmery or glittery. Philips used Chanel’s Ombre Essentielle single palette in Furtive.
Tip: Stick to one shade of metallic: either silver, bronze or gold, and apply the colour as an outline of the shape of your eye. Essentially, you want your eyes to have an outer, metallic lining. Don’t miss the tear ducts and the outer rim of the eye.

•Apply a thick layer of eyeliner on the top lid, as well as the waterline, as this will contrast the metallic eyeshadow. Create an upflick on the outer edge of the eye for definition. Le Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner was used on the model’s here.
Tip: If you have a steady hand, use liquid or cream-based eyeliner for the top lid and a kohl pencil for the waterline.
•Capture the final addition of glamor for the eyes by applying mascara on the top lashes only. The eyeliner is super heavy in this look, so you might be able to get away by only curling the lashes and skipping the mascara.



Finish this look with a neutral tint on the lips; think peachy pink colours when picking a shade to contrast the intense smoky eyes. Philips applied Rouge Allure lipstick in Evanescente on each model at the show.


chanel fall makeup




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