To makeup artist Carmindy, a beautiful face is all about the lash line. “It defines your eyes, gives you a youthful appearance, makes everything else stand out,” she tells PEOPLE. “We talk about skin, blush, lipstick, shadow, but a thicker, beautiful lash line is all you need to walk out of the house and look like a million bucks.” So how does one accomplish this?

Liner. The What Not to Wear star — a Latisse spokeswoman — recommends smudging your eyeliner. “My favorite way to do it is to sweep a pencil along the upper lash line, as close to the roots as possible, then wiggle it between those roots. Take a flat angle brush and smooth over the liner, so you don’t have a perfect line, but just a hint of smudge, which makes it look more natural.”

As for colors, “opposites do attract,” Carmindy says. So use chocolate-brown liner on blue eyes, deep navy on brown eyes, eggplant or plum on green eyes and forest green on hazel eyes. (She suggests saving black liner for dramatic nighttime looks.)


Eye creams. To preserve peepers, Carmindy recommends using an eye cream at night starting in your 20s. “Pick one that’s nice and moisturizing and nourishing,” she says. In your 30s, choose a product with retinol, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. “You always want to look for products chock-full of antioxidants, acai, Vitamin C,” she says. “You’re feeding your skin.”

And when applying eye cream, use your ring finger. “It’s the weakest digit on your hand, so it doesn’t pull on that delicate area around the eyes,” she reveals. And don’t forget that SPF. “Kiehl’s does a great sunscreen for the eyes that you can even put on your lids,” she says.

Shadows. “In your teens and 20s you can play with shimmer, glitter, bold colors,” Carmindy says. “But as we get older, the texture of our eyelids changes.” So once you hit your 30s and 40s, be sure to prime your eyelids with a liquid foundation and a bit of powder. “It allows the eye shadow to last longer,” she recommends.

Try a long-wearing shadow, too, and be sure your “shimmer” shadow isn’t too glittery. “Put a bit of shadow on the back of your hand, walk into the daylight, and if you see chunks of mica, it’s too glittery,” she says. “You want it to be glowy or opalescent.”

Simplifying. “Right now the trends are about lips, cheeks and lashes,” she says. “You can even create an amazing lash line without using shadow.” Carmindy recommends doing one sweep of aqua, teal or purple liner across the lash line — and pumping up your lashes — and adding a coral cheek and lip. “That’s the key to summer,” she says.

From People Magazine

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