Happy New Year!


The festivities and merriment are about to begin, but all the fun & celebrating can sometimes make it all too easy to lose track of how many drinks you’ve actually had. Too many drinks can leave a gal with a splitting headache and massive hangover the next morning.  So if you’re planning on ringing  in the New Year with a toast or several, here are a few tips to help you enjoy yourself without paying the price for it morning after:



how to cure a hangover




Smart Snacking Don’t mix caffeine and alcohol. Some people believe that adding caffeine to alcoholic drinks like Red Bull and vodka or an espresso martini will somehow reduce hangover symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and drowsiness. In fact, the opposite is true. Recent studies have shown that drinking alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine does not reduce the severity of hangovers. Go easy on the coffee the next morning; it may wake you up, but it may also aggravate a headache.



Stick to lighter-colored drinks –  Stick to the lighter based drinks  like vodka, gin, light beer, & white wine, These are associated with less severe hangovers. This is because darker alcoholic drinks (bourbon, brandy, dark beer, red wine) contain higher levels of sugars. Sugar is that naturally occurs in alcoholic beverages as a result of distilling and fermentation, which contribute to hangover symptoms.



Eat and drink water while you drink  Food tends to slow the absorption of alcohol, so it takes longer for all those Mojitos to go to your head. Alcohol also makes you urinate and dehydrates you, so try to drink a glass of water for each alcohol-containing drink you have. The next morning, have a light protein based breakfast, such as wheat toast and scrambled eggs, to settle your stomach. This will restoring your blood sugar level and help you fight fatigue without worsening any nausea.



Don’t mix cigarettes and alcohol –  Research shows that smoking cigarettes on the same day as heavy drinking significantly increases the chances that you’ll have a hangover. Cigarette smoking is also associated with worse hangover symptoms, independent of the amount of alcohol consumed.



Go to bed –  Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest aggravators of hangover symptoms, so ring in the New Year, then get to bed. For better quality sleep, close the drapes and shades or wear a sleep mask to block out light. Sleep as long as  you can. Do not allow others to cut your sleep short. Before you turn in, turn off phones & alarms. Sleep is your best friend here.



Take aspirin and ibuprofenNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen have been shown to reduce hangover symptoms by inhibiting prostaglandins, the compounds that regulate muscle contraction. Avoid acetaminophen (Tylenol), which may dangerously irritate a liver that’s already stressed.

* TIP: Take the aspirin BEFORE you go to bed.



Take vitamin B when you wake up – This is one of our favorite tips. Vitamin B tends to get you going & tends to clear the fog and calms the effects of too much alcohol.



The Beauty Beat would like to thank all of our readers for a great 2013. It’s been an exciting year!

Be safe, enjoy the celebration and let’s ring in the New Year with style !

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