green eyelashes


If there’s been one luxury beauty trend on the runway to take note of in the last year, it’s the colored eyelids and lashes that have dominated couture shows. In a makeup land somewhere between theatrical and classic, this look struck a good note with audiences this season. And since most fashion trends start with haute couture’s masters, we think this look will stomp right off the runway and onto the sidewalk.


blue eyeleashes


The trend began last year at Stella McCartney’s Fall show, for which makeup artist Pat McGrath coated models’ lashes with a custom-made electric blue gel. This season, McGrath doubled as Dior’s go-to artist for show-stopping makeup, and he applied sky blue and fluorescent pink and green on the models’ eyes for a show-stopping look. White eyeliner applied to the inner rim of the lower eyelid helped to make eyes appear larger, and silver shadow was added to the top inner corners of the eyes to make them really pop. Paired with blotted scarlet lips, this was a look that many took note of, and we’re expecting to see the trend take flight outside of the haute couture community in no time.


For those daring enough to experiment with the look and go for the colorful side, Dior suggests DiorShow Mascara in Azure Blue.


pink eyelashes

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