Take it from me, being an 80’s gal, I KNOW what hairspray, if formulated correctly, is capable of doing.  Vivid memories of sky high mohawks and spiked do’s remind me of the elixers we would put in our hair to maintain those looks. Yes, they were sometimes hard to get out, but once in your hair style was in it was there to stay until you washed it out.

Today’s formula’s are so wimpy, they’re  a mockery of what used to be and would have never made the cut back then.  Very simply, they DO NOT make hairspray the way they used to    …visions of Aqua Net and Clairmist come to mind.

I have scouted around looking for the best of the best in the hairspray world. Much to my surprise, I have even found an old 80’s standby that has magically reappeared on the shelves .. here are my picks:


Hold it !  Hairspray by Zotos     hold it hairspray


Zoto’s was one of the premier hair product brands of the 80’s. This is a medium to strong hold spray & is available from Sally’s .






hairspray focus 21  splash spray Focus 21 Splash Spray


Focus 21 Splash Spray was a standby from the eighties. I remember using this and was very surprised to see it sitting on the shelf at my local Ulta.  This a strong hold spray that washes out easily. I buy this in bulk. What a find !






Redken –   hairspray - redken PureForce16_Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray

This spray also rates high in reliability when you want your hair to mean business, this is it . A force to be reconned with!






 Got 2 Be – ‘Glued’ Spiking Freeze SpraHair-Spray-Got2Be spiking spray y

This spray by Schwartzkopf, another 80’s throwback, is the one to use to hold spikes & mohawks. Funny, they actually used to use glue back then    … This is better !


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