Next time someone complains about your lengthy beauty routine, just  explain that every time you put on make-up you are dealing with the complicated  concepts behind color theory. Rather than choosing your eye shadow colors on a  whim, you can incorporate some of the science behind color theory that will  help make your eyes pop.

In the past month, we’ve been focusing on make-up colors that  complement certain eye colors based on the color wheel. Choosing the shadow  color that complements your eye color works to play up the color of your  eyes. While you are free to choose whatever colors and shadows speak to you,  sometimes its nice to have the option to play up your own, natural features.



 eye shadow for blue eyes



If you have blue eyes… 

On the color wheel, directly opposite from blue is orange. While  orange isn’t necessarily an everyday (or even yearly) shadow choice for many of  us, coppers and browns are.  These shades will bring out the blue in your eyes  and offer a lot of choices in the make-up world. In the summer, it’s great to  lose the blacks and grays and opt for brown and bronze shades in the smokey eye  look, perfect for those blue-eyed beauties. A great bronze shadow is NARS in  Galapagos. It’s a bold bronze since it is so heavily laden with gold shimmer,  but it makes a great summer shade especially when you go island hopping.






If you have brown eyes… 

                                                                                                           makeup fpr brown eyes

Consider yourself lucky since almost all shades will look great on  you! If your eyes are lighter brown, try to pick up on the subtle colors and  tints in there and play up those colors. If they are deep brown, then you  really can’t go wrong with any shadow color. Looking to make a statement? Check  out the bold cobalt blue of NARS in Outremer.









If you have green eyes…                                         makeup green eyes

The colors that will make green eyes pop most are shades of  purple. This is great for those who want to take a page out of Rachel McAdam’s  book and jump on board the plum make-up trend. While there are definitely  purples that you should reserve for special occasions, you can also find some  shades of purple that can be worn on a daily basis. This Lancôme shadow palette  in tulle offers some options of fairly neutral purples that are perfectly  acceptable for everyday wear.






makeup for hazel eyes



If you have hazel eyes…                                

Like brown eyes, hazel eyes allow a variety of shadow colors. We  suggest using black eyeliner to accentuate the eyes and going with more purple hues  to bring out the green.

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