Drug store brands sometimes get a bad rap, but I have found quite a few over my lifetime that turned out to be gold with a lower price tag.




You’re probably not thinking about anti-aging products because you are still young and really don’t see any reason to worry about things like fine lines, wrinkles, spots and the other anomalies of aging, however smart gals fend off the age monster early . Trust me, your future self will thank you for using these beauty products NOW. 

Sun damage taking effect on your lower layers now, will make it’s way to the surface over time. Although, this may take a couple decades, it WILL come in the form of age spots, sun spots, freckles, lines, wrinkles and a whole gamut of other little surprises depending on your lifestyle. One day they will all just pop up seemingly out of nowhere and you will wish you had paid better attention to your skin when you were younger.


Take a look at some favorite drugstore anti-aging products here

We’re not talking baking, as in stepping up your culinary skills.

We’re talking about a highlighting technique that uses concealer and translucent powder to set makeup and give skin a smooth, creaseless finish that lasts for hours.


baking - makeup tecnique


The Technique


Newsflash: The trend isn’t exactly new. Daniel Martin, makeup artist and Dior’s Beauty Brand Ambassador, put us up on game. “What was once a traditional and customary application has now reemerged as fascination in social media,” he explains. So how do you do it? Martin suggests after applying foundation, use a creamy concealer, like Diorskin Star Concealer ($36; dior.com) over the entire t-zone and under your eyes to brighten the areas of your face you want to highlight. Then apply a banana powder, like Ben Nye Banana Powder ($12; makeupmania.com), which is a translucent powder that tends not to clog your pores and is perfect for when a warm based highlighter is necessary. Apply the powder all over the areas you applied concealer to soak up all the oils and to brighten the areas. You can also use a translucent powder, like Make Up For Ever’s Super Matte Loose Powder ($29; sephora.com), for the same effect

“Let this sit and ‘cook’ on your face, allowing the skin to meld with what’s on top of it,” says Martin. Ten to fifteen minutes later, use a blush brush to dust away excess powder and watch your skin go from pre-baked to flawless with a poreless, matte finish. This VIDEO shows you how it’s done.

Martin doesn’t recommend this process for an everyday look because it can appear too heavy to the naked eye, so save it for a special occasion.


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You may have managed to avoid the contouring trend this summer, if  so , we applaud you. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. However, fall is coming and you may want to get ready to get back into the contouring game once again.  Not sure where to start ?


Behold !  The ultimate contouring chart is here !


Created by makeup artist Jordan Liberty, this chart illustrates the exact points on your face to highlight and contour. For example, you should contour the sides of your nose and highlight down the bridge (be sure to stop at the tip). It even teaches you how to use lip liner and gloss to define your lips.

Even if you’re not ready for Kardashian-level angles, this chart is a lifesaver. You may want to keep this handy. 






We caught up with Maybelline UK Makeup Director and celeb beauty extraordinaire Sharon Dowsett on her tips for flawless contouring without looking like a Kardashian …


Contouring – it’s 2015’s biggest beauty buzzword and our latest face-based obsession. We’ll be honest, we would love to have Sienna’s cheekbones but realistically, it’s not going to happen any time soon. That’s where contouring comes in.

Yes, Kim Kardashian may have brought the face-sculpting technique to the masses but contouring isn’t just about looking like the latest addition to the Kardashian clan. With the ability to bring light, structure and definition to your face, contouring is the easiest way to update your beauty routine and instantly transform your face with just two products. Yup, we said two.

Forget complicated techniques, we caught up with celeb makeup artist and red-carpet beauty regular, Sharon Dowsett, on her top tips for super simple, quick contouring, done the right way, because as Sharon says, “Contouring is spelled with a C, not a K”.
1. “The aim for contouring is to create the illusion of a perfect oval face. After you’ve done your makeup base, take a brown contouring shadow or bronzer around the edges of the face, across the top of the forehead, chin and jawline creating a halo.”
2. “Use the product on your hand first, you always want to start with less then you can build it up. Shade under your cheekbones using the brush to feel where the bone lies naturally, then flick up towards the cheekbone to gain definition. Don’t go too near the mouth, it’s a common mistake but you shouldn’t take it further than where the iris of your eye sits.”
3. “A little goes a long way with highlighter and it’s great for bringing light to the face. Highlight both sides of the contour on your cheeks, underneath as well as the top. Take it down the bridge of your nose, on your cupid’s bow and between your eyes to bring attention to them.”
4. ” ‘Blend is your friend’ is one of my favourite catchphrases which is why I use a powder instead of a cream because it doesn’t sink into skin and it’s much easier to blend. Use a darker shadow in a really small area of your cheekbone up by your ear to really deepen the contour. I like to add some in the socket of the eye as well to help create an optical illusion with light and shade.”
5. “You don’t have to be an expert to get expert results. One of the oldest makeup rules is that you should never add cream on top of powder but rules are there to be broken! I like to freshen up the face add inner heat to the finished sculpted look by adding cream blush on to cheeks. You won’t look made up, just expensive!”   InStyle



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